2012 Baseball Season

By:SeanEdited by: Nemanja C.

This season has been exiting. There have been 4 no-hitters and 3 perfect games. One of the no-hitters was by Jarrod Weaver of the Los Angeles Angles. The other one was Johan Santana of the New York Mets and it was the first no-hitter in Mets franchise history. The other no-hitter was by Seattle Mariners. The last no-hitter was by Homer Baily of the Cincinnati Reds. The 3 perfect game pitchers are Philip Humber of the Chicago White Sox against the Seattle Mariners. The other perfect game pitcher is Matt Cain of the San Francisco Giants against the Houston Astros. The last perfect game winner was Felix Hernandez of the Seatle Mariners against the Tampa Bay Rays.
The Washington Nationals already clinched. That means that they are in first place and nobody can catch them. Also the Cincinnati Reds clinched. The last team that is clinched the San Francisco Giants. The Baltimore Orioles are trying to catch the New York Yankees. The Orioles surprised everybody because the Orioles have been pretty bad for the past 3 years. The person who has been helping them the most is Adam Jones. He plays center field and boy does he have an arm. Also the Boston Red Sox surprised people from not having a good season. They're also in second from last place. The fans were really disappointed because it was the 100th year of Fenway Park. The Chicago Cubs once again aren't doing well.
On the other hand the Chicago White Sox are doing good but, the Detroit Tigers are catching up to them with their top player Miguel Cabrera. Cabrera almost has the triple-crown. A triple-crown is when you have the most home runs, RBI's, and batting average in your league. So far he leads with batting average and RBI's. He is only one home run away from being first. He is behind Josh Hamilton. Josh Hamilton has 43 and Miguel Cabrera has 42 for now. Cabrera is also fighting young 21 year old rookie Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels to be MVP. (most valuable player)
This year the All-Star game was at Kansas City, Kansas. There were only 2 people from the Cubs that made it and those two were shortstop Starlin Castro and first baseman and right fielder Bryan LaHair. The White Sox had 5 players that made the All-Star team. The 5 players are pitcher Jake Peavy, first baseman Paul Konerko, pitcher Chris Sale, third baseman Kevin Youkilis, and DH Adam Dunn. A DH is a designated hitter.
Darwin Barney of the Chicago Cubs has about 140 error-less innings. If he doesn't make a error today he will tie the record for the error-less innings. Darwin Barney also needs to face Brandon Philips of the Cincinnati Reds. I think that Darwin Barney will get the gold-glove. Another Cub is close to getting a gold-glove and his name is Alfonso Soriano. The Texas Rangers are also looking for a clinch but, they don't have yet. This season has been very exciting!.

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