This 2013 season so far has been very exiting. There have been many trades this year. One of the biggest trades over the winter was the Josh Hamilton trade. He was on the Texas Rangers and got traded to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I thought that the Angels were going to run away and be in first, but instead they're in 3rd in their division. Another exiting thing happened with the Angels Mike Trout hit a cycle. He was the youngest player ever to do so. He did it against the Mariners. A cycle is when somebody hits a triple home run double and a single. It doesn't need to be in that same order though. Over in Texas though Yu Darvish a pitcher for the Rangers went all the way to the 9th with a perfect game against the Houston Astros until Marwin Gonzalez hit the ball straight threw Darvish's legs to end the perfect game and make sure he didn't get a No-Hitter. Right after Gonzalez got the hit Darvish was taken out of the game. He threw 111 pitches total. The New York Yankees Have been doing very good without there star players Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. Derek Jeter Plays shortstop and Alex Rodriguez plays 3rd base.
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