3rd Grade Chicago Field Trip

By: Sharon

The 3rd graders went on a field trip to Chicago.
Chicago has many places to visit. The Field Museam has Mummies from Egypt,facts about ancient people,facts about plants,dinosaur fossils,and some other exibits .
The Shedd Aquariam has 60,000 different sea creatures from all around the world and an oceanariam.
The Art Institute has the finest French art and lots of paintings.
The Du Sable Museam of African American History has African American art.
Chicago also has art , one of them is the Picasso, Picasso didn't really name his sculpture so nobody knows what it is. Another one is the four seasons by Mark Chagall .Also there is a sculpture that looks like a flamingo. There is a different sculpture that looks like a white glump with black lines. and many other sculptures. I think Chicago is a city full of surprises.

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The Field Museum
The Field Museam

Four Seasons
Four Seasons.jpg
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external image placeholder?w=NaN&h=NaN Flamingo
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