2012 Nutcracker Play
By: Quinn N.
Edited By: Jamie V.

On Wednesday, December 12, 2012 the 4th graders at Culver School performed a musical. This play/musical is called the Nutcracker. Eric F. played the Nutcracker, one of the main characters in the play. Agnes G. was Marie, who goes on a magical journey with The Nutcracker. Benjamin L. was Marie's rude brother, Fritz, who at one point in the play almost sent the nutcracker flying off of the stage. ( Except it's not Eric.) Amar V. played the judge, who gives Marie and Fritz the Nutcracker. ( Not Eric-Again.) Nick played the mouse king, who is an arch enemy of the nutcracker. Valentina K. played the sugar plum fairy, who shows Marie and the Nutcracker the marvelous land called The Kingdom Of Sweets. Lidia played the child, who wants the Nutcracker and Marie to stay with the candy flutes and her. There were also dancers who learned their dances from Mrs.Buhler and Mrs.Farlee who choreographed them. The Russian bakers included: Katlyn A., Sean H., Amrah, Iman, Oleksey, Rasmi, Kyle G., George V., and Krystian G. There were also candy flutes who included: Paul K., Janelle R., Doyhon, Manal A., Ria, Cristian, Sarah K., and Victoria S. And the last act in the play was when the tea cups danced. The tea cups included: Quinn N ( me), Sydney S., Karly S., Misbah A., Juliet D., Michelle, Nimrah, Elena V., Mrs.Potratz, Mrs. Mueller, Victoria M., and Emily T. Also at the beginning of the play there was a battle between the nutcracker along with his army, and the mouse king along with his army. The Nutcracker's army of soldiers included: Haaris S., Erin, Joseph O., Mr. Hirsch, and Cameron. The mouse king's army included: Eric W., Ammanual S., Peter L., Jeffiney, Farah, David, Thomas C., and Patrick B. The fourth graders also performed for the entire school on December 21, 2012. Band and orchestra performed before and after the nutcracker performance. The fourth graders rehearsed for a very long time to get every single part of the play correct. A very special thanks to Mrs. Dworak, the music teacher, for helping us and spending all of your time working on this with the fourth graders.
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