6th Grade iPads, Technology At Their Fingertips
science ipad.JPG
6th graders in science
math ipad.JPG
6th graders in math

The 6th graders have been given the unique chance to utilize iPads throughout the entire school day. The 6th graders think it is fun and also cool even with the assignments their doing.

I interviewed some 6th graders and below are the questions and answers.

  1. What subjects do you use the iPads in?
  2. Are there any new things you found out about the iPads yet?
  3. How do you think the iPad can help you educationally?
  4. What projects or assignments have you done so far using the iPads?
  5. What are some of your favorite apps for the iPad?

These were their answers:
  1. All of the subjects
  2. When you press the off and home button simultaneously you take a picture of whatever is on the screen.
  3. There are many educational games that teach you math, reading, social studies, and science.
  4. Currently they are making PSA's of which president they want to win the election.
  5. the students said their favorite apps were: unblock me, rocket math, math7, and stack the states.

The 6th graders have had the awesome opportunity to learn with the iPads and interact at school in a different way.I think the iPads are great for children to learn in a more fun way. Although many people think it is unfair that the 6th graders get the chance to use the iPads I personally think it is a great learning opportunity for the 6th graders. I, and probably many other people, hope the whole school will get the daily availability of the iPads eventually.
Those are the results of my interview, hope you enjoyed.

Created by Jonathan
Edited by Jamie