The 7th and 8th Grade Girls Basketball

By: Maeve and Kayleigh
Edited By: Brendan
The 7th grade girls have been off to a good start with their basketball season. So far, they have won all of their games. One of the pervious games was held on Monday, November 7th, against Golf. The starting 5 were Gianna, Jacki, Sara, Kainat, and Maeve. Maeve jumped for the jump ball and accidently tipped it to Golf. Gianna stole it away and passed to Kainat and Kainat made the first shot. Golf would get the ball and we would steal it away. Halfway through the first quarter, Kainat got injured so Alina had to substitute in. When Alina came in she got the ball, but she was directly underneath the basket. To get out of the bad position, she pivoted out and made the shot. It was the hardest shot to make, especially when you have three girls guarding you. The score was then about 8-0 with Culver winning. By halftime, the team was still up about 12-2. The 3rd quarter went by quickly, and was really easy for Culver because of the big lead, so Culver could relax a bit. Culver was still winning by about 16 now, beacuse of a couple of good fast breaks. The 4th quarter was even better because Gianna was on fire, and she scored a lot of points. I think what Culver could improve on is to throwing sharper passes and crashing the boards better. Overall the game was fantastic the girls won, 28-6. The 8th grade girls have been off to a pretty good start too. right now, their record is 4 wins, 2 losses.

7th grade girls during practice

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8th grade girls basketball team

The 8th grade girls have been working really hard and are off to a strong start. Their current record is 4 wins and 2 losses.
They won against Fairview, Golf, McCracken, and East Prairie. They lost against Lincoln Hall and Park View, but Park View's game was incredibly close. They lost by 1 point! Their game against Fairview was very suspenseful. In the beginning, we were up 11-2. Then, in the third quarter, Fairview caught up and the score was 23-21. Then, somewhere in the fourth quarter, both teams were in foul trouble, which means if either team fouls, the person they fouled gets two free throws. At the final buzzer of the 2nd quarter, Michelle Gucik (number 13) made an icredible shot, two or three steps away from half court. Good job Michelle! THe final score was 36-34. I think the 8th team can improve their press break and and defense.

Championship Game!!!
7th grade had an amazing season. They were 8-2. Time for the tournament! Our first game was against Old Orchard. It was a very intense game. Gianna made an awesome 3 point shot. Everything else was perfect. Next was Parkview. We had lost to them the first time we played them, we were still very determined to get them back. We had played an amazing game. Yet again Gianna made a 3 pointer and many good passes to Maeve and the rest of team. We won!! Our next step was the tournament on December 21. The nerves were rising as the time came to play in the Main Gym. The crowd was cheering! At the second half we were down by 7. We were still determined to beat Lincoln Hall. Gianna was playing hard, so was Jenny. The crowd started stomping their feet and cheering for us. We were definetely pumped by the 3rd quarter. We were 10-14. Culver stole the ball and handed the ball to Jenny. She took some steps and made a left handed lay-up and now it was 12-14. As the 4th quarter started our mood was definitely positive. After a good press and many good steals, we were in the lead 17-16. Near the end we were in the lead 20-17. At the final second Taylor, on the other team, tried to make a 3 pointer. It was a good attempt, but she missed. When the last buzzer of our season went off the girls went crazy and ran to our bench. The crowd was cheering and running down to us. The 7th grade team and our fans huddled, jumped, yelled, and cried. We had won the championship! This was definetely a great comeback. After the game everything felt so surreal. That will be one of those games that will never be forgotten.

~ Jenny P.
We are #1