8th Graders

On June 4th, 2012 our beloved 8th graders will leave us. On that day, the 8th Grade class is going to graduate then move on to high school at Niles West. Though we will miss them, they have left behind many memories which we will cherish. They will also have many memories to take with them which they will cherish too. They will remember their first day of school on August 24th, their Springfield trip on October 21, shark dissection, Iron Oaks, the Six Flags trip, and maybe most importantly the friends they have made along the way. There are so many memories that no one can forget. Like every year though, these 8th graders had some true achievers among them. Those achievements should be celebrated! This year Aisha, Carolin, and Bryce each earned a scholarship through the high school. These hard working students really deserved it. The Class of 2012 not only has academicaly brilliant students, but also has artistic genuises and athletic champions. 8th graders particapated in all sports such as soccer, track, basketball, and volleyball. They also were active members of band, orchestra, and Student Council. Taha was the student council President, Aneta served as Vice President, and Carolin was our trusted Tresurer.
Through this article, I guess what we're trying to say is that the 8th graders will most definatly be missed at Culver School for years to come. There is just one more thing we want to say: Good luck in the rest of your lives; hope you accomplish great things! We know you will!

This song is deticated to the Graduating Class