I told 6th graders to submit any problems at home or at school that they needed advice on. Here are some of the questions I got:


Q)Dear Hailey,
I keep trying to make friends but whenever I go up to someone they leave, call me names, or ignore me. Every day when I get home from school I feel like running away and crying myself to sleep. I only have one person I can call my friend. What should I do? Deal with it? I don't know if I can handle this any longer.
Help me!
A)Dear Help me,
It doesn't matter what they think, as long as you like yourself. If you really want friends maybe you could find people like you.

Q)Dear Hailey,
Everyone is being mean to be because I'm awesome at everything! I get the best grades and excell in all sports. What should I do if I don't want to lose my awesomeness?
A)Dear ?,
Maybe people are actually being mean to you because you are conceited. If I were you I would stop saying that you are awesome. Hope this helps.

Edited By: Sebastian
Made by: Hailey F.