J.K.Rowling has entertained and amazed her readers. She has written a very popular series known as Harry Potter. She has also written other books that young readers should know about. For example The Casual Vacancy. She also writes stories to go with the Harry Potter series, like Quidditch Through the Ages. Quidditch is a famous wizarding sport. The way the game goes is that seven wizards or witches fly on broomsticks. There are two beaters with sticks in there hands, and they protect other team mates from being hit by a bludger. A bludger is a big red ball that beaters hit at players on the other team and block them from hitting the players on their team. Then there's the keeper. The keeper has a very important part to do he is like a goalie his job is to block the bludgers from going in. He must block the three hoops that a bludger can fly into. If the ball goes in one of the goals ten points are scored for the shooters team. If the ball is blocked the game resumes.Then there are three chasers they are the people who score the goals.Then the main player is the seeker.The seeker has to circle around the court and look for the smallest and fastest ball called the snitch. A snitch is a small golden ball if the seeker catches it the game ends and sometimes, when a team catches the snitch, they win the game if their points are lower then the other team. Now for a litlte bit information on J.K.Rowling. She is from England.J.K.Rowling was born on July 31,1965. If you go online and type in Pottermore and you sign up, you can enjoy Harry Potter in a whole new way.You are the wizard. If you would like to sign up, click on my link below.


by Elena
edited by Nicholas