John F. in Arizona (Jamie's uncle who is in the Marines)

By: Jamie
Edited by: Farhan

Introduction: This interview is of John F. He lives in Yuma, Arizona. He got married 3 years ago in October and now has a 1 year old daughter. He has been enlisted in the marines for 11 years and is now 28. His current position in the marines is a first lieutenant. I, Jamie, chose to interview this person because I was interested in what war was like for him and what he goes through.

1.What war did you fight in?

I fought in the Afghanistan war, operation Enduring Freedom. We rotate after 6 months, so soldiers get to do different missions. We accomplished our mission, and made sure that the terrorist in that part of Afghanistan would stop attacking and doing terrorist acts that aren't smart.

2.What were your surroundings like?

There were mountains and deserts.

3.How and what did you eat?

Sometimes they had places for us to go to stay and eat, but if not, we had packages of food that never expires, sort of like space food. The packages had 500 calories each so we had the energy to fight.

4.Where did you sleep?

I slept in a tent.

5.How long were you there?

I fought there for 6 months, then rotated with other soldiers.

6.When and how did it start?

It started on September 11, 2001 with all the terrorist acts.

7.When and how did it end?

The war itself hasn't ended, but my mission ended when we dropped a big bomb and left a hole in the Earth. That day we killed over 200 terrorists and made sure that that part of Afghanistan knew not to mess with us anymore.

8.What is your advice for others who go to war?

My advice for future and present soldiers who go to war is to be familiar with the capabilities and limitations of organic weapon systems asigned to their unit and make sure that they pay attention to deployment pretraining so that they are familiar and efficient in present day tactic.