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Dear Epic,
Help Me!
I need your opinion!
I'm losing all my friends because they say I've been going on twitter too much,
and I don't pay enough attention to them. They call me "Twitter Crazy."
I'm not just losing my friends, but my grades are dropping below average, and now my parents are concerned.
I deleted my twitter and - well.... I simply can't focus on homework when Taylor Swift is tweeting about new things!
Please tell me what to do!
Twitter Crazy

Dear Twitter Crazy,

SWITCH THE ONLINE TO OFFLINE! You need to get unplugged!! All your friends are abandoning you to teach you a lesson. If you isolate yourself from your Twitter account, then you will regain your friends and your grades. You gotta start studying! If all you think about are Taylor Swift's tweets during your history test, believe me, you will not be very successful. Speaking of Taylor Swift, you have to stop thinking about her, and what she's going to tweet next. Also, you can listen to her music instead. That way, you can still be involved with her, but not crazy about her.


Dear Epic,
Could you please give me your opinion?
I have four different things I want to be for Halloween, but I do not have any idea on what I should be! I want to be a pink princess, a nasty crocodile, a zombie, or a hotdog. My friends said if I dress up as a hotdog, they'll give me half their candy, while my brothers promised to stop annoying me if dress up as the zombie. My Dad had made a crocodile costume for me, and I don't want to let him down. And what about my own opinion? I really really really want to be the princess, because if I win the best costume contest, I get a big jar of candy! WHAT SHOULD I DO!?!?
Creative Candy

Dear Creative Candy,
First off, it's your choice.
You do not have to listen to other people, or give in to what they want.
If you truly want to be a princess, then be the princess.
No one can stop you.
Besides, your brothers will probably always annoy you, and if you win this costume contest you can get a bucket of candy, which is more than the half of candy you will get from your friend.
In fact, tell your friend that you will give them some candy if they agree to be a hotdog. Ingenious, right?
As for your father, tell him that you will wear the costume next year, or give it to a friend who would like it.
Or, tell your dad to make the crocodile about the size of your brothers, and force them to put it on!
Remember it's your choice.
(You could even be a pretty pink crocodile zombie that's a princess..... with a hotdog!
It's like the princess and the frog, just an epic edition for everyone!)
- Epic