The Chicago Cubs
Kerry Wood isn't doing that well this season. Ryan Dempster has the lowest ERA in baseball so far. Dempster`s first win was 5-14-12 against the St. Louis Cardinals. Carlos Marmol was taken out of a game against the Cincinnati Reds and now is not the closer for the Cubs any more. Rafeal Dolis is the new closer. Marlon Byrd was traded to the Boston Red Sox. Now Tony Campana is taking his place in center field. Alfonso Soriono was in a slump until 5-15-12 when he hit his first home run of the season. The Cubs played against the St.Louis Cardinals. Soriono hit a two run home run against the Philadelphia Phillies. Brian LaHair leads the team with home runs. Kerry Wood's last game was 5-18-12 against the Chicago White Sox. He struck out Dayan Viciedo in 3 pitches. Then he walked off the mound and hugged his son, Justin.
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The Chicago White Sox
Philip Humber pitched a perfect game against the Seattle Mariners, but after that he has not done much. It was the 21st perfect game in baseball history and the third Sox pitcher on the White Sox history to throw a perfect game.
Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals
Bryce Harper is a 19 year old player. He plays in the outfield and he is good at it. Here is a true story about him. When he was12 years old, Harper's team made it to the state tournament. When he came back his mom asked him how he did and he said ''OK we won.'' Later that day, Bryce's coach called and said ''Did Bryce tell you what he did?'' Bryce's mom said that he did OK. Then, the coach told her what he did. He was 12-12 with 11 home runs and a double. Harper's first major league home run was on 5-14-12 against the San Diego Padres and has become the youngest baseball player ever to hit a home run. Bryce Harper hit it right into right field were Jason Heyward stood. He bobbled it and Harper ran to second.
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Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers
Josh Hamilton hit 4 home runs with a man on base every time during a game on 5-9-12 against the Baltimor Orioles. Hamilton ended up being 5-5. The Rangers ended up winning with a score of 10-6. He so far leads the MLB with home runs. He also beat Barry Bonds record of hitting home runs in a certain amoant of games.
The Josh Hamilton video.
The Baltimore Orioles
The Baltimor Orioles back to back to back jacks. If you don't know what that means, it means to hit 3 home runs in a row. They were against the Texas Rangers on 5-10-12 during game 1 of a double header. They are in first place in their division and they need to play against the New York Yankees. Camden Yards is giving some good luck to the Orioles.
The Los Angeles Dodgers
The Los Angeles Dodgers are one of the best teams and their best player is Matt Kemp. Matt Kemp was the MVP of opening week. Unfortunately he is on the disabled list because when he was up to bat and swung and he hurt his leg. Before Matt got hurt he had 12 home runs. Matt Kemp plays in the outfield. Another good player is Andre Ethier. He also plays in the outfield.
Fenway Park
Fenway Park had its 100th birthday on 4-20-12. Boston played against the New York Yankees. Just like in 1912 when they were against the New York Hornets. Unfortunately they got swept by the Yanks to ruin the party.
Jamie Moyer of the Colorado Rockies
Jamie Moyer is the oldest player in baseball to record a win. He was 49 years old. It was against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Jamie Moyer was also on the Cubs.
Cinncinati Reds
The Cinncinati Reds hit two home runs in a row. The same person caught it both times and the fan didn't keep either ball. He gave one to his friend and the other one to Leak. Leak was one of the players that hit the home run. He gave it to Leak because it was Leak's first home run of his career.
Giancarlo Stanton is on fire he has 13 home runs in May. The Marlins are in first place their closer is Heat Bell he is really good.
by:Sean and Jason
edited by:Sebastian
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