Book Reviews

by Savera Z.

Edited by: Lesha

The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z.
by Kate Messner
In Vermont, Gianna Zales has always been a star runner. Finish lines have been a cinch but deadlines are a whole other story. The leaf project is due at the end of the week but now her chance at participating in the cross-country sectionals are in jeopardy. An arch nemesis in a sparkly t-shirt and a gargantuan science project are enough to cope with, but with the humiliation of going to school in the family hearse and an over forgetful grandmother just adds to the presure of all of it. But, with a dash of creativity, her best friend Zig, and maybe a stroke of brilliance, she just might to be able to pull it all off. :)

The Wish Stealers
By Tracy Trivas
High schooler Griffin Penshine loves to make wishes. When an old lady sells her a box of eleven, shiny, mysterious Indian Head pennies from 1897, she realizes that they are not ordinary pennies, but stolen wishes. What she doesn't know is that they come with a horrifying curse. Anyone in the possession of those stolen wishes are called the Wish Stealers and that their wishes will never be granted, but the opposite will happen. This takes Griffin on a journey to return the stolen wishes and undo the curse if she wants her own wishes to come true. But the question is, are the people who made the wishes still allive? Her adventure leads her to antient alchemists, Macbeth's witches and the chance to help people and to change the world. The Wish Stealer's temptation and evil power is growing stronger. Will Griffin be able to reverse the curse in time to save herself and the people she loves?

The Genie Scheme
by Kimberly K. Jones
Magic enters Jana's life when she buys a winter hat for a bag lady and expects nothing in return. But Jana's kindness is paying off big time when she realizes that the person she bought the hat for is really not a bag lady, but a genie! Later Jana learns that the "three wishes only" rule is completly fake! Soon Jana's room is filled with the latest clothes, gadgets and gizmos. But all isn't what it seems to be. Everything that Jana wishes for can't appear out of thin air so all the things she has to come from someplace else. Genies also have genie watts. Every "master" that genies have, have 1,000 genie watts to use on wishes and Jana is using up hers faster than she'd like. Jana then learns a valuble lesson from her genie, that can possibly change the world and herself.