edited by: Lesha


By: Rick Riordan

Jason Grace wakes up and doesn't remember anything. He had a girlfriend, Piper McLean, and his best friend is Leo Valdez. Their coach at school turns out to be a satry (faun in Latin). After a deadly turn at Grand Canyon, their coach gets captured by storm spirits. Two people, Annabeth and Butch, went to rescue them and bring them to a Greek camp, Camp Half-Blood. When they first arrive, Jason knows he doesn't belong and Annabeth is looking for her boyfriend, Percy. The leader, Chiron, tells her he should be dead. At dinner, they find out Leo is the son of Hephaetus, Piper is the daughter of Aphrodite. and Jason is the son of Zeus. The oracle of the camp gives him a quest which he decides to bring his two new friends on. When they leave for their quest, they ride away on a fire breathing dragon. On the quest, they discover many new and exciting things. They realize that Jason is part of the Roman camp, Camp Jupiter. Jason and Piper get caught by three cyclops and Leo saves them with his fire immuneness. Piper and Jason find out that Leo can control fire and they also find Jason's older sister, Thalia Grace. The trio goes to see Aelous and begs for help to find where Porphyrion is. They rescue Piper's father and fight off Enceladus. The Goddess Hera (Juno) is trapped in a prison and they need to save her. Leo and Piper rescue the Goddess,while Jason fights a giant Porphyrin. When they arrive back at Camp Half-Blood, Annabeth decides that Jason is not Greek. Jason tells them that they have to unite with his real camp, Camp Jupiter, in order to save Mount Olympus.


By: Rick Riordian

Percy Jackson is running away from two gorgons. He tumbles down a hill and finds a hippie and carries her to a tunnel. The tunnel is guarded by two people, Frank Zhang and Hazel Levesque. They were actually not just guarding a tunnel, they were guarding the entrance to Camp Jupiter. The two gorgons invaded the camp and Percy killed them. The hippie that Percy brought over was actually the goddess Juno (Hera in Greek). She informed them of a war against the giants and the Gods told Percy that he would be important in this battle. The leader of the camp, Reyna, invited Percy for dinner where he met Nico, Hazel's stepbrother, before dinner. After dinner the God Mars (Ares in Greek) arrived and talked about the same war. He also claimed that Frank was his son. Hazel was a daughter of Pluto. Percy and his new friends all went on a quest. They were going to the land beyond the Gods, Alaska, while the other camp members prepared for the battle of the camp against the giant, Polybotes and his army. On the quest, they find a ....... named Ella and a very fast horse, Arion. Percy and Frank find out that Hazel has a curse, she can control jewels but she can also make jewels pop up from the earth at the same time and if someone touches it, something bad happens. They also find out that Hazel has already died and she has flashbacks of the worst times ever. When they arrive at Hubbard Glacier, home of the giant, Frank tells them that his life depends on a piece of wood and he has a family gift. When they find Alyconeus, the giant, Percy fights the army of skeletons and Hazel attempts to kill Alyconeus, because she had created him. Frank uses his lifeline to melt the ice chains that hold down Thanatos (the god of death). The God is released, but there were bigger matters at hand, Hazel was tiring out and Percy was about to fall off a cliff. Percy pierces the ice with his sword and he falls into the icy water along with the skeleton army. Hazel and Frank tie up Alyconeus and ............. pulls him away from Alaska. Frank kills him and they head back to Hubbard Glacier and found Percy walking out of the river that he fell into. They head back to Camp Jupiter and the trio help the Romans defeat the giant, Polybotes and his army. Afterward, Percy was made praetor. A few days later, Percy gets a note, it says that people from the Greek camp, Camp Half-Blood, are arriveing to make peace. They welcome the Greeks to Camp Jupiter.