By: Ally Condie
In a place where sociey where officals decide everything for you, you'd expect it to be perfect, and it was, untill Cassia's Matching Banquet. Cassia has never questioned the society, she has never had a reason to. Its hardly even in her mind to think differently than they say to. After all they give you the perfect career, a long life and a perfect partner. On the day Cassia's matching banquet she recives a microcard about her match, her best friend Xander. The microcard explains things about him and his favorite activites. Although Cassia knows much about him, she is eager to see what awaits inside the card. When she opens it Xander's face pops up, and right before the screen turns blank she sees another face but... it isnt Xander's. Now Cassia is torn between Xander, the only life she thought exsisted, and Ky the life no one has ever risked to be apart of. She is unable to decide between flawlessness or lust.......

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. Can you find another word for lust?