Bubonic Plague

By: Thomas
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A recent case of Bubonic Plague has scared everyone that has heard it.I know one thing,I was scared.It all started when Sierra Jane Downing's family went camping in southwest Colorado.The girl came upon a half-eaten squirrel.She asked her mother if she could bury the squirrel.Her mother said no.Unfortunately the girl picked up the squirrel and buried it.Five days later she woke up with a fever and was vomiting.At nine p.m her father found her on the bathroom floor.When he picked her up she had a seizure.He rushed her to the ER.When she arrived at the hospital they found out that she had a temperature of 107 degrees.She got airlifted to Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children.There,her condition worsened and she was transferred to the ICU for septic shock.Thankfully, a few days after that she got better.She is expected to make a full recovery.Bubonic Plague is spread by the air.The symptoms for Bubonic Plague are vomiting ,diarrhea,high fever,and death. It has not spread to other people. This disease has had a notorious history. Back then it killed many people.

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Yersinia Pestis