The sixth grade team has played hard this season, but have still lost all of their games. The eighth grade basketball team has only recorded 1 win and was hoping for a win against their opponent, Fairview, this week at home. The game against Fairview started off as as a blow out, but because of the effort of the eight graders they closed the gap to a 6 point lead. Despite their efforts, the clock ran out and they lost 36-30. One of their closest games was at Lincoln Hall in which they lost 29-27. The seventh grade boys are always trying their best, but have lost all of their games. Mr. Tomlinson, Mr. Petit, and Mr. Palazollo, the coaches, all work furiously to get Culver some wins, but the other teams seem more experienced and Culver has a difficult time winning. The cheerleaders also try to help the 8th graders win, but with no luck. The final record for the sixth grade boys was no wins, but they tried their best in every single game they played. They always worked together and hope to have a better season next year.
The eighth grade boys basketball team just beat East Prairie again for their second win. They had one more game left against East Prairie because they are the current 8th seed in the tournament. If they beat Lincoln Hall, then they wouldn't be playing East Prairie because Lincoln Hall would have had been the 8th seed instead of Culver. The purpose of the play-in game is that whoever wins will make it to the tournament because there are nine teams, but only eight teams can make it. The eighth grade boys beat East Prairie so they will make it to the tournament. The final score was 42-32, and it was a very exciting game. At first East Prairie was winning, but Culver came back. Culver's final record for the normal season was 3-11. The seventh grade boys won against Golf so they got to go to the tournament as well. The tournament was a fun time for both teams. Both of the teams tried really hard, but could not come up with any wins.
7th grade boys team
8th grade team is the link for the 8th grade standings is the link for the 7th grade standings

By Sean and Jason
Edited by: Akshit