The Blackhawks just came off the All Star break. They were playing really good going into the all star break, but when they came back they weren't trying at all. They lost to the Vancouver Canucks 3-2 in overtime. They didn't play as good as they could. They tried to stay with the Canucks but just couldn't. So the Blackhawks didn't start the way they wanted to. Their next game was against the Edmonton Oilers in Alberta, Canada. The Oilers crushed the Hawks 9-2 earlier in the year and the Hawks hoped to show them who is the boss. It didn't work out so good and the Oilers came to play. They lost 8-4 and did not look good at all. I think the Oilers were just too fast for them. They were tied 3-3 and then the Oilers scored two quick goals. Dave Bolland tried to get the Hawks back into the game with a goal. The Oilers scored 3 more goals after that and won 8-4. Sam Gagner on the Oilers scored 4 goals and had 4 assists in the victory. He played amazing and had a point on every goal. They did not want to start that way, but hoped to rebound against the Calgary Flames. So far in the month of febuary the Blackhawks had lost every game. We are hoping the blackhawks will step it up and try even better than they are now. In the most recent game on Febuary 11 the Blackhawks lost 0-3 against the coyotes.

We interviewed one lucky boy who actually got a chance to get onto the rink and try and shoot the goal. Here are some questions we asked:

Q:What did it feel like to score the goal?
A:Awesome, it boosted my self esteem and confindence in hockey.

Q:Did you get to meet any of the players?
A:No, I wish I did.

Q:What was it like to be on the Blackhawks hockey rink?

Q:Did you win anything?
A:Yes, I won an airline ticket anywhere in the U.S.

Q:How did you get this oppertunity to do this?
A:My coach picked out of a hat and I got lucky and WON!

Here is the link to see him shoot the amazing goal:


By: Logan K. and Jessica K.

Edited by: Bryce