Chicago's Second Football Team by: Paul and GeorgeEdited by: Nemanja C.thCAYKYDX9.jpg
The Monsters of the Midway move out. There have been rumors of there being a second NFL football team for the windy city. But how can they support a second football team if they can barely support their original football team?We think a new team could be good and bad. The good thing is Chicago has a better chance of winning a Super Bowl. The bad thing is that there would be Bears' fans and the new team's fans, so when they compete there might be fights, bets, and friends yelling at eachother. Now there would be less Bears fans, which is bad for the Bears, and we don't think the Bears deserve it. The Bears are off to a pretty good start. They have had two wins against the Colts and the Rams, but lost against the Packers. The new team might be more successful. It depends what players they get.The rumors started when Mayor Richard M. Daley said that Chicago should have a second football team because San Fransisco has two football teams, New York has two football teams, Florida has three teams, Baltimore has three teams, Washington has three teams, and the Philadelphia region has three.Then he said Chicago can definitely support two teams.We actually used to have two teams, but then we gave one team to St. Louis in 1960. They eventually gave that team to Arizona in 1988. To this day they're called the Arizona Cardinals.We, the writers of this article, disagree on whether a second team is a good idea for Chicago. George thinks it is a very bad idea to have a second football team because people that became friends over the Bears could become enemies. That could start riots and chaos throughout the city. Paul thinks its a good idea becuase more people could attend games and enjoy football. We will have to watch and see what happens!