Welcome to Classic Reviews. I, Nicholas, will review books that fall under the catagory of classics. A classic is a book that has been written a while ago. For the most part they have become the most famous books of today. I will review a few of them. Be warned though, I only suggest these books for high level readers.

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
By: Howard Pyle
Description: Follow along with Robin Hood, Little John, and the rest of the merry men in this awe inspiring timeless classic. To sum it up this book is about the adventures of Robin Hood and his gang of outlaws. The book is written in a format where almost every chapter tells a different story. So if you want, you can only reread a certain chapter you enjoy.
Plot- The adventures are enjoyable. Some of the ways Robin outsmarts those around him are truely hillarious. I give the book a 10 in this section.
Characters- The characters are interesting and comical. Once again, I give the book a 10.
Voice- If you are a high level reader the voice will portray nicely as if the narrater is telling you the stories around a campfire. So, high level readers, the voice is a 10. Otherwise, it would be a 6.

Treasure Island
By: Robert Louis Stevenson
Description: To sum it up, the book is your classic pirate story. It contains a treasure hunts, mutiny, and adventure. Before he knows it, Hawkins is swept up into the quest. Follow the unlikely hero through a truely great adventure. Overall, the book is decent.
Plot- The storyline is decent but not incredible. I could already guess what would happend ahead of time. Thus, I give the book a 8 in this section.
Charaters- Honesty, Hawkins seems slightly boring. Also, a few of his reactions didn't seem human. So, I give the book a 5, in this section.
Voice- Much like Robin Hood the voice in Treasure Island is dependent on how high your reading level is. To me, the way the author used voice wasn't good but wasn't bad. So, I'd give it a score range of 4 to 7.

By: Nicholas
Edited by: Maggie