By: Jessica

Edited by Kathleen

Comedy: It's a really great source of entertainment that everyone loves to read over and OVER again. But before I bore you with any facts about comedy, I figured, "Hey, what gets people laughing?" Think about it for a moment, hold your thought.... What I think makes people laugh? What I think of is funny pictures! So here is a picture to get you laughing. Enjoy!

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And what about those cheesy jokes that you see on the backs of Popsicle for example, "Why was the skeleton afraid to cross the road?, because he didn't have any guts!" LOL. This may be a chessy joke ,but it will give your friends and yourself a good laugh.

If you are, let's say, "more mature," you can always find comedy with your environment. But since most of you are not, you can read these funny skits:

Have 10 hours to waste? Click on this!

What? No, it's obviously not a pop tart cat making rainbows in space, no. It's a PINK pop tart cat making rainbows in space! And did I mention it's 10 hours long?
Hillarious right?

If your looking for some good comedy movies try the movie "Grown Ups." It's about these friends who have a renunion after along time. If that doesn't float your boat, try getting a joke book and find fun jokes to share with your friends so you all can share a good laugh. Well, that's the end of my comedy section.