Cookie Sale!

Culver is having a cookie sale, the sale is a fundraiser for the Culver PTA! There are 10 variety's of cookies, preportioned for $15 or a tub for $13. If you are an only child that goes to culver you need to sell 8 orders of cookie dough to be able to play on the Game Truck. If you have one or more siblings that go to Culver, you need to sell 12 tubs of cookie dough to be able to play on it. Once you sell the acquired amount of cookie dough tubs you will have 15 minutes on the Game Truck! If you are wondering what the Game Truck is, it is a truck filled with several tv's and you get to play video games inside of it.

You may have also seen doors decorated around the school. Well, those doors decorations will be judged and whatever class is most creative will win a fresh baked plate of cookies for their classroom. Make sure your classroom door shows the tallies of your classroom sales.

The cookie sale is running now through October 12th. The pickup date is November 9th from 3:00-6:00 in the cafe.

By: Emily

Edited by: Akshit

Here is a picture of the Game Truck!
external image a7d9b11dchallenger_03_lg.jpg