Sports Crossword Puzzle

2. Which sport did Michael Jordan play?
4. Who is #1 on the Bulls?
5. When you go bowling, what do you try to knock down?
7. Who is #52 on the Packers?
11. Who is #9 on the Saints?
13. Which former football player is known as Papa Bear?
14. What do people hit over the net in badminton?
15. Where do the Bears play their home games?
17. Who is #14 on the White Sox?
18. Which sport name starts with the letter "V"?
19. How many points do you get after you score a touchdown?

1. Who is #90 on the Bears?
3. Who is the first person to conquer the 900?
6. Who is the new manager of the Marlins?
7. Which baseball team's home games are at Wrigley Field?
8. Which sport do the Black Hawks play?
9. Which sport do use a bat?
10. Who is number 54 on the Bears?
12. How many points do you get for a solo home run?
16. Which football team is from Philidelphia?

Created by: Love,Ethan,Jason, and Shayla
Edited by: Bryce