The Half-submerged Costa Concordia
Cruise Ship Shipwreck

By: Franklin

Edited By: Carolin

Last month, on January 13th, the cruise ship Costa Concordia shipwrecked, killing 17 people and leaving at least 12 people missing. It hit the reef off the coast of Italy, which caused a break in the hull of the ship. They are accusing the captain of steering off course and leaving the ship, but the captain said something about going to visit the home of a person who the captain thought of as a mentor. One of the major problems was that the crew did not commence an emergency drill before embarking. The passengers of the ship were expecting the captain and crew to be directing the evacuation of cruise ship; however, the captain had already boarded a lifeboat. The captain claimed he "tripped" and was all of a sudden in the lifeboat.
The police placed the captain of the Costa Concordia on house arrest on charges of manslaughter and abandoning ship. Divers are still looking for remaining people possibly still on the submerged ship.
In my opinion, I would think that the captain should have let the passengers of the ship go first, and that they should have done an emergency drill before they left.