Culver's Crazy Climates!!!!
Hurricane Isaac has been raging all over Louisiana and Mississippi, this has been causing a lot of rain for the Midwest region. Hurricane Isaac is not letting-up without a fight, and neither did Hurricane Katrina. Last winter was very mild and the summer was hot. It is hard to know what to expect for our weather future. So far in Niles, the weather has been very chilly in the morning, but later in the day it warms up into the high 70's. This season the allergies have been aggressive and attacking everyone. If allergies have been bothering you, keeping your windows closed is a good idea. The wind around Niles has been blowing constantly. As a result, jackets and warm clothing are a necessity. The weather in the early morning is very sad and gloomy, but around 10:00 A.M. it's as if the sun starts to smile. If you're cold, you could jog around the house a little or do some exercises. Goodbye for now and have a sunny day! Be sure to look at the link below to check your daily weather reports, but if you want to look at the weather in Niles just type in your zip code which is 60714. : ) <3

Click here for current weather update

By: Natalie :)
Edited by: Jessica :)
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