Culvers Resturaunt

By Boris
Edited by Kayleigh and Carolin

Have you seen the new Culvers Resturaunt on Village Plaza 7200 Dempster Street?
(Culver is the name of the resturaunt, not owned by the school.) Culvers is a very friendly place to be and has a
nice staff, but my favorite thing about Culvers is the food. I like the butterburgers because they are lightly buttered, use the best ingredients, and leave you wanting more.The custards are like ice cream but silky. You can also put on toppings such as Oreo bits, M&M, fudge, and candy. Culvers is not open yet, but it will be having the grand opening soon. Hope to see you there!
Some of Culver's food. YUM!
Some of Culver's food. YUM!