Culver Girls Volleyball

By:Jessica B. Edited By: Sebastian

The game on Tuesday 10/4 was amazing! The girls of both Seventh and Eighth grade did very well. First, the Seventh graders competed against the girls of Golf School. Culver started the match by leading off with the points, but around the 18 point mark, the Golf School Cardinals started picking up the points and the Cardinals won the first match 18 to 25. Culver was determind to win the next match! After a few awesome serves, spikes, digs and bumps, Culver won the 2nd match. The third match was all pressure, the game was no less than amazing, and a surpirse waited at the end...... Culver Won!!! The seventh grade girls took a break and I got to share my tremendous photos with them. As this was taking place the eighth grade were gearing up to play. The eighth grade was in one word, excellent! They won both their games with such grace I was in complete awe. After the game, I interviewed the players they said they had won a majority of their games and they plan to win the rest of them. I asked them "Do you celebrate winning a game in a special way?" they told me they sing on the bus ride home and I was thrilled to join in with them. This Culver Volleyball game was so great I hope to see even more fans at the next game. Keep reading the Culver Paper and have a nice day!
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