Dear Epic,
Please help me! I'm in a "crew" of about 5-6 people, and the
"leader" is mean and controling. I dont really like her but I want to have friends, and the
rest of the "crew" is just like her. She encourages making fun of people, and
I join in, but I hate doing that. It makes me feel like the devil. The worse part is
she makes fun of us, but as soon as we make a joke about her she hates us.
It's like she can't take what she dishes out. Please help me!!From,
The Follower

Dear Follower,
No one can be the boss of everyone. If you don't
like her find new friends. I'm sure if you feel this way the
other people in this "crew" might feel this way too. If you talk to the others
or confront the "leader", maybe things can work out.
Dear Epic

Dear Epic,
I love to play basketball, but I didnt make the team.
I keep practicing, but I dont seem to get any better.
I feel really discouraged and frusterated!!!!
Please Help Me,
B-ball luvr

Dear B-ball luvr,
Don't be discouraged, and keep doing what you love, basketball.
Just keep practicing. I'm sure you're getting better.
You just don't realize how much better you've gotten.
And be sure to try out next year!! :)
Dear Epic

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