Disaster in Turkey!!!

Edited by: Taha and Farhan
Written by: Christian

A horrific tragedy struck Turkey on Sunday, October 23, 2011 at 10:41 p.m. A magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck Turkey. The death toll rose to 523 and 1,650 people were injured another 185 were rescued from the rubble. An estimated 2,200 buildings were damaged and thousands of people are left homeless, forced to live in overcrowded tents. Israel responded by sending food, blankets, and extra supplies. Great Britain has sent 1,000 tents to help. Also, Germany, Russia, and Ukraine also contributed. A dozen television shows contributed 62 million Turkish Lira($37 million). Two teachers and a student were rescued from the rubble and more survivors are being pulled out.

There is a health issue in which people are living in unsanitary conditions. It is very easy for disease to spread. Also, there are many food and water shortages. The Turkish weather reports snowfall for three days and many survivors are waiting out in the cold for food and for a tent. Families are feeling more and more cramped inside their shelters. I believe that we should contribute to Turkey's recovery by sending them medical supplies. They are people just like us and they have no supplies at all. When there is a disaster in our country we want others to help us. The United Nations send us supplies. Finally, we should do something to help these struggling people. This is the report on the earthquake in Turkey.