By:Luke Lee

Edited By: Carolin

Dragon Quest is a famous Japanese role-playing game (RPG). Most Dragon Quest games were for the Nintendo DS system, but two installments of the game were for the Playstation platform. Although Dragon Quest followed a series numbered 1 through 9, all did not follow one story line. Like most RPG's, it follows a battle system. The battle system is like the Pokemon battle system, but Dragon Quest 9 has many more choices. In this game, you get to make your own avatar and customize it during your quest. You can also obtain new weapons like claws, swords, staffs, fans, and whips. A unique aspect of DQ9 that set it apart from the other games in this series is that it has more than 100 hours of gameplay. As for the bosses, they are extremely hard to beat! When I played the game, my first boss took 4 tries to beat! Still, it was VERY fun.

Dragon Quest 9 allows you to form your own team. You can have a maximum up to 4 people in your team. The bad thing about the game is that you have to save in churches, which are in towns. And you better save your game every time you land in a town, because if you wipe out, you will land in the last church you visited.
Other than that, DQ9 is one of the best games!

I would give it a rating of 9/10

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