Made by: Jenni
Edited by:Kayleigh

Do you like cool things that look awesome and cost less than normal things found in stores? If you do, come to The Duck Tape Masterz. We have hair and phone accesories, keychains, pens and much, much MORE! Our products ranges from $ 0.50 to $5. Come to the duck tape masterz today, founded by Jenni, Julia, Angelica, and Patrick. We even do personalized items, such as phone cases,purses,something we have but personalized, and anything else you can think of. Some of our many colors are hot pink, purple, dark blue, neon green, yellow, neon orange, white, black, red, light blue with white dots, normal zebra, pink zebra, black and white checkered, gray, and colorful splatter. We will be selling things during lunch and c-mart.

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