TV show recommendations and review


Here are some TV shows that I would recommend.

Teen/ Adult Shows

Grimm About: Grimm is about a young man named Nick who finds out that he is one of the last Grimms. This TV show comes from the Grimms Fairy Tales. The Grimm Fairy Tales are like fairy tales with a twist. The Grimms see things that regular people don't, like blutbad (a werewolf like creature), fruchsbau (a fox like creature), Lausenschlange (a snake like creature), and steinadler (an eagle like creature). They are called wesen (pronounced vesen). I like this show because it is very thrilling, exciting, and it is also an investigation show. It ties in very well together as Nick is a police officer and most of the suspects are wesen ( the creatures). click here to see the trailer for grimm
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Kids shows

Gravity Falls About: Gravity Falls is like the kids version of Grimm. Gravity Falls is about twins. One boy named Dipper and one girl named Mable. They live with their great uncle Stan (Grunkle Stan) for the summer in Gravity Falls, Oregon. They stay in the Mystery Shack. The Mystery Shack is a weird museum. Dipper and Mable live in the attic. In Gravity Falls weird things are going on. These strange events include being chased by gnomes, meeting nessie, etc. Dipper found a book with imformation explaining all of the unusual things they have seen. The twins are both trying to figure out why all these creatures are here. click here for the trailer for Gravity Fals

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