An Editorial: CarsHow much do you really know?Written By: SamanthaEdited By: Justyna

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Almost everyone has seen the movieTransformers, The Fast and the Furious, or maybe even Cars. And everyone who has seen it automatically goes around saying that they are some sort of car expert, but how much do they really know? Are they the type of person who could see a random, beat-up piece of metal rusting in a driveway and can instantaneously tell you the make, model, and year of that car? Are they the type of person who wants to be an expert? Or are they just a kid who saw this movie and thought the cars looked "shiny?" Either way, after seeing one of these car movies, whoever this person may be now has information on at least one type of car. Depending on what their personality might be, they might wave anything they know above you. So now what do you do? You can start learning about every car known to man and tell people all that you know, or you could simply let those people live in their own little world. I hope you chose the first choice because, in my opinion, cars are awesome. And who knows, maybe you could be that lucky person who stumbles upon a robotic alien that is disguising itself as a beaten down '76 Chevy Camaro. Or you could find yourself on Route 66 in a small town filled with talking cars. Maybe, you could even be in a street race in the big city of Los Angeles. You will never know until you try and decipher the complex and confusing world of cars (or if you ask someone who actually does know a thing or two about cars.) So, the next time you see a car sitting idly on the curb, think to yourself, "What is that car's story?"