Cool new technological Inventions!
Read on to get a sneak peak on the newest gadgets!
no-3d-glasses3.jpg3D without the Glasses! The T.V. , Vizio, has announced a proposal to make a 3D T.V without the need for those bulky 3D glasses! But, there is a bit of a wait; they aren't planning on releasing these amazing televisions until at least 2014. I bet it will be worth the wait, though! No more having to wear those hideous glasses or paying $10 per person at the theaters! The model is available, but at a very expensive price. Plus, the picture quality isn't even close to perfect. But of course, everything great has a rough draft.

drones.jpgDrones for your home!
Soon, these flying helicopter-like things will become available to you for your everyday life! While of course these mini drones will be a fun leisurely activity, they also have a camera, which can be used to see the world with a new perspective, make that a bird's eye view perspective! This'll be a great tool for you child directors out there. Also, there's no need for replacing the batteries in a remote- there's an iPhone app for that! That's right, control your drone with your iPhone! Its starting to sound like the future...

wifi.pngFree WiFi in New York!
Google announced to give free WiFi (yes, I said FREE) to a city in New York called Chelsea, which is where the Google headquarters is. Soon enough, it'll probably be available in your hometown! Next stop; Chelsea, New York!
-Hailey F.edited by Jessica B.