Yogli Mogli
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Fantastically Frozen is one way to describe Yogli Mogli. It is a frozen yogurt store that has newly opened in Niles. Many kids say Yogli Mogli is a wonderful addition to their local environment. Yogli Mogli is located on 8200 W. Oakton Street, Niles, IL. Yogli Mogli is a premium frozen yogurt store that offers a variety of nutritional yogurt flavors, such as coffee, mango, and peanut butter, all in a self serve environment. There are 16 frozen yogurt flavors and over 40 toppings! You have the choice to top off your yogurt with a wide variety of options from fruits to nuts to gummy worms to strange things like captian crunch or exploding juice balls! There's also chocolate syrup to top it all off. If you are not sure whether or not you like a flavor you can get a little sample of the flavor from an employee. You can pick any type off yogurt container small, medium, and large. We recommend you to go to Yogli Mogli. It is very delicious and a great environment. So go now!!!

By: Patrick and Nathan
Edited by: Claire