Illinois State Fair!!!

The Illinois State Fair (!!!) was a project done by Mr.Hirsch's fourth grade class. Although, only 4B did the state fair, 4A visited the fair and looked at the projects. The entire fourth grade is studying Illinois. I had my own project at the Illinois State Fair. My project was Adler Planetarium, Walt Disney, and Discovery of Pluto.Other grades also came to see our projects. First came sixth grade, next was third grade,then first grade,and last was 4A.The fair took place in Mr. Hirsch's classroom on the top floor. It took place on Thursday May 10, 2012. Before the fair the students of 4B (including me) had to write three essays about a person, place, and event. They would then turn their essays into a part of their board. The people who came to the fair were given a sheet and had to go around the room and find out information that would answer questions on their sheet. Few people know how interesting Illinois really is.


Pictures :)
Alana's project; Frank Lloyd Wright, Illinois Tower, Willis Tower.
Matthew's project; George Ellery Hale, George Ferris, Buckingham Fountain, Air and water show.
The class of 4B