By: Love
Edited by: Danny

In December, the 3rd graders made gingerbread houses. Here is what they used:
. blue sprinkles(optional)ginger3.JPG
. white icing
. graham crackers
. candy

Put one graham cracker on a paper plate and split in half. Do this for each graham cracker that will be used. Squeeze icing on one side and quickly put another graham cracker on the icing. This will be the wall. Then let it dry. Repeat this process four more times for each wall and a ceiling. Let it dry. Get two graham crackers and cut them into two triangular shapes. stick onto both sides on the ceiling and put icing on them. then put two graham crackers on top of icing. If icing becomes dry before you put on the two graham crackers, you can squeeze more on. Let it dry. If you want, you can squeeze the icing on to the roof and sprinkle on the the blue sprinkles for snow. Decorate with candy.

Enjoy! :)