Article written by: Iga S.

Editor: Sebastian

This soccer season for the girls was one to remember. Though they haven't won, they learned what true sportsmanship is and learned to play as a team. That's exactly what they did, they cheered each other on and played as a true team, always keeping their heads up. One game that the whole team enjoyed and was one to remember was their last game. It was the play-in-game against East Prairie. The game went into triple over-time. After the regular 48 minutes of playing it was a tie, 2-2. So we had an extra five minutes for a team to score, after those five minutes it was still 2-2. Then the ref decided to do penalty 5 shots per team. By this point any team was able to win. After that round of penalty kicks believe it or not it was still a tie! So finally after much debating the ref decided to give each team an extra round of 5 penalty shots each with all new kickers. This part of the game was the part where there was time to talk to the players on the other team. The players bonded so much in so little time. The whole Culver team said with confidence that East Prairie was the nicest, funniest, and friendliest team they have ever played. Every time a person kicked a penalty shot whether they missed it or not, the other team would say nice kick, good try, along with a high five. So after the last round of penalty kicks, sadly East Prairie made more shots than Culver did. In the end no one felt sad, or disappointed, but filled with pride and happiness. After the game everyone congratulated each other. Everyone on both teams made a lot of new friends. Again true sportsmanship was in play at this time. When East Prairie huddled up after they won instead of singing we are the champions, or any of that, they sang this "2,4,6,8 who do we appreciate? CULVER!!" This made our whole team happy and even luckier to have played such an amazing team.

So all in all everyone was happy with the season, and the play-in-game. The team showed true sportsmanship in every game and practice along with dedication to practice and games. And lastly, just had fun being the team that they were.

Here is the list of the players on the 2012 Girl's Soccer Team:

Managers: Eric & Brianna

This is Culver and East Prairie at their play-in-game.
Girls Soccer Team