Goal to Score a Goal!
By: Matthew
Edited by: Jenny(:

Boys JV Soccer_2.JPG
Boys' JV soccer team

The boys' soccer teams, varsity and junior varsity, are off to a slow start. Training, however is going okay. Some of the training exercises include the Indian run, zipper drill, scrimmaging, and keep away. A previous game with varsity against Old Orchard: varsity scored in the first half and Old Orchard only scored in the second half. Final score comes out to be 4-1 Old Orchard. I predict that Friday's Game with McCracken will be an exciting and well worth your time. It's already half way to the end of the season for varsity and almost half for JV. Some of the weaknesses that our soccer teams have is defence. The defence may be great but they might not pull back fast enough to help the goalkeeper. Some games it might be the opposite with the offense. The upcoming games for JV are McCracken on Tuesday 10/2/12, Old Orchard on Friday 10/5/12,Lincoln Hall 10/10/12, Fairview 10/15/12,and finally McCracken against Culver at Culver on 10/16/12. The upcoming games for Varsity are Lincoln on Wednesday 10/3/12, East Prairie on Friday 10/5/12, Lincoln Hall 10/9/12, Old Orchard 10/10/12, and the tournament.So far JV's record is 0-6 and Varsity's record is yet to be determined. We are doing a great job but need to
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Boys' Varsity soccer team