By: Haley & Shalya

Edited by: Kathleen

Halloween was filled with many exciting activities! In school we wore our costumes. Haley was a 50's girl and Shayla was a devil. We both won ribbons for our cool costumes. Each classroom carved a pumpkin for the pumpkin carving contest. Pumpkins were changed into spooky things like spiders and Frankenstein. The two second grade classes 2A and 2B tied for the younger grades! One pumpkin was called "Good Bite Moon". The pumpkin design was a bat biting the moon. On Halloween we went trick- or- treating together. We each filled our bags with candy. Some bad things happened on Halloween too. A few cars in the neighborhood were egged. It is sad when people do mean things on Halloween. The Fall Fest had more Halloween fun. They had a hool-a-hoop and a mummy wrap contest. In the mummy wrapping contest you get wrapped in toilet paper like a mummy. There was a raffle drawing and we entered. The prizes included a huge teddy bear and a whole tub of milky way bars. But, unfortunately, we did not win. Halloween was so much FUN. Thank you for reading!

Click on the link below to see the most creative cosutme at Culver!

2A winning pumpkin

Who are those crazy characters?

8th graders
2B winning pumpkin