HealthWritten By: Patrick H.Editted By: Anna C.
To find out how kids at Culver School keep themselves healthy, what they do for exercise, and what they think they could do to improve their health, I asked kids and teachers from all different grades to answer my questions to satisify my eager mind about healthly habits of the Culver Community. Click on the link below to see what they had to say and learn what I learned. So in summary to the interviews many people like to play sports an eat good foods of all ages to keep themselves. Many people would like to stay away and not eat as much sweets. Other people would like to balance eating right, sleeping a lot and excercising more.Many of the people said that they should eat better and stay more active and excercise more to improve their health. As you saw in the video many people said that the things that help them keep themselves healthy is eating right, excericing, and the right amount of sleep and a good balance of all three which leads me to the next topic on hints to make you healthier. Many kids have trouble with staying healthy and/or they don't know how to learn how to get better. Here are some helpful hints on how to feel good each and every day. One hint is making sure that excercise is part of your daily and/or weekly schedule. Excercise helps you do better in school. You won't be as streesed out and you will feel better about doing things. Also, if you do not excercise you can become obese. Obesity increases risks of: being prone to getting heart attacks when you are older and getting diseases like diabetes. To get involved in excercise you can join sports, work out at a fitness center, or even take a walk. If you are just starting out you can just go once or twice around the block a week. Another hint is to eat healthy foods. Heathly foods are important to eat because they give you nutrients that make your body feel good, work right, and strengthen everything. Healthy foods are important because they help your body do things and function properly. If you do not eat healthy foods your body will not feel good. You could get headaches, stomach aches, and your muscels might get tired or sore. Just eating a fruit and/or vegetable a day can help prevent body functioning disabilities. The Last hint is to get a lot of sleep each and every day. More sleep helps you do well because when you sleep you let your body and mind rest so that it can start new and recharge for the next day. Not enough sleep is bad for you because your body and mind can not grow. Your body cannot recharge because it does not have enough time too. You might fall asleep in class missing things causing you to get stressed out when you do not know something. Just being overwhelmed, you might miss more and more sleep resulting you to feel bad because your body is not recharging enough each day. If you did not eat and sleep you would die faster of not sleeping before you would die of not eating. People did an experiment and it proved that kids with more sleep did better on tests than kids with less sleep.In conclusion excerising, eating healthy foods, and sleeping are three things that are very important to keep yourself healthy and make yourself feel good each and every day.