By: Basil
Edited by: Maeve

It's the holidays and time to give gifts. But what if you get something you don't want or something weird. If you say some thing bad you'll hurt their feelings and you don't want that. So here is a guide on how to pretend to like a gift.

First, don't make a face. If you make a face but say you like it then they will know you're lying.
Second, say you love it. Don't say " I hate it" or when they ask you don't stand there and say " Um".
Next, you should use or play with it if you can so they will think you really do like it.
Then, if you really don't like it or don't want to use it you could say I lost it and hide it somewhere, or say someone else like a brother or sister wanted to borrow it.

Now, if you are visiting relatives and they are serving weird food here are tips to make through. First, chew slowly and chew with mouth closed. Don't make sounds. Chew on the side and eat quickly. If you're not sure how it tastes smell it. If it's really bad drink something like soda or juice or milk or water. After that look for a snack to mask the taste. Like beans and fish stew.

Now, let's say you want a certain gift, point it out or drop hints about it. Ask someone for it and be extra good and do what they say so they'll give it to you because you've been good.
I know it's after the holidays already, but one way to figure out what you're getting for next year is to pay close attention when you're browsing your parent. When they stop and looks at something for a while, that might be it. For example I was at the mall and my mom saw an electronic light saber. She looked at it for a while. Then on Christmas that's what I got.

Also, if you mention something you want they might get it. For example my older brother the week before Christmas mentioned a guitar. He thought he was going to get basketball shoes, but on Christmas morning he got a guitar.

Use these helpful tips next time you're in an awkward situation like this..
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