Hurricane Isaac

By: Elena
Edited by: Jessica
Hurricane Isaac's path
Hurricane Isaac's path

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Recently, there was a drastic hurricane strike in Louisiana. The hurricane, called Hurricane Issac, took almost 40 lives. This was nothing compared to Hurricane Katrina, but there were still a good number of casualties. Hurricane Isaac caused severe damage along the northern Gulf Coast of the United States. This was also the 4th hurricane of the 2012 hurricane season. People have lost there homes, cars, and lives due to Hurricane Isaac. Hurricane Isaac caused Illinois to have a little rain, but that was nothing compared to what happened in the Gulf Coast. People should consider themselves lucky because if Isaac was as destructive as Katrina there would be way more damage. If I was living in the area where Hurricane Isaac hit I would have been very panicky and frightened. How would you feel if you were in this situation? Your home could have been damaged and your things could have been destroyed. I believe, that if there isn't one already, there should be a charity to help the people who have been effected by this tragic event.