Inspiring Presidents From History: By Christian

Edited by: Nicholas

In less than a month, we will be celebrating President's Day with two days of no school, (no!). The two presidents we associate with the month of February is our first president, George Washington, and our sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln. Both of these presidents are very historically important. The holiday commemorates the birthdays of two of our most important presidents from US history.

First, George Washington is perhaps the most famous figure during the Revolutionary War. Contrary to popular belief, he was not the first president of America. There were thirteen other presidents when the Articles of Confederation were in effect. They only served for one year; and they were the presidents of the Thirteen States in the Confederation. Washington was the first president of the United States. Before he became president, he fought in the Revolutionary War. In fact, he is to thank for our independence. It is because he was appointed as the commander of the Continental Army by the Continental Congress. Also, he was one of the signers to the Constitution and a member of the Constitutional Convention that was held in Philadelphia. He also helped to support Alexander Hamilton to pay off the national debt and secure a foothold on the Western Territories. In fact, he was the president that bravely refused to provide support for the French Revolution in Europe. Finally, he created our first national bank and carved up the Western Territories.

Next, I will explain to you the importance of our sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln. He was the most authoritative president of the nineteenth century of the United States of America. In fact, he had very humble beginnings. Usually, most people believe that capable presidents of our Union are well educated and descend from wealthy aristocratic families. Abraham Lincoln was not wealthy nor was he very well educated. Yet he was a very capable and reliable man. In fact, it was said that he once walked three miles just to give back one of his customers change. Also, he was a very determined man. He once ran for U.S. Senate but lost miserably, but this did not stop him. Eventually he won U.S. Representative for a single term. Then, he decided to run for president in the year 1860 with three other competitors. After an intense election day, it was decided that Abraham Lincoln won the electoral college and the popular vote by forty percent. So, why was this man very important? Well, it was his actions that helped to create the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendments to our Constitution. Also, his determination that helped our nation to survive as a united Union. That is why this holiday is very important to us and our nation.