By Julia
Edited by: Elmina

I chose to interview Jenni for the Paw Print because she is into a lot of activities. I heard about how she makes unique things out of duct tape and sells them and I wanted to hear more about that. She almost does everything that she can in school and out.

Me: Hey Jenni so I heard that you were into a lot of activities, are they mostly in school or out of school?
Jenni: Most of them are in school.
Me: Can you name some of them?
Jenni:Well, I try to do all of the sports. I just finished basketball and now I'm being the manager for the 7th grade basketball team. I am also in orchestra, strolling strings, student council, and science Olympiad. I also take guitar lessons and write outside of school.
Me: Do you really enjoy all of these hobbies and why?
Jenni: Yes, I do enjoy all of these hobbies because they're exciting and they give me something to do every day.
Me:How do you manage your time with all of those activities?
Jenni: It's hard to balance it with my homework and my writing but I always find time to do them all by squeezing them into my everyday life style.
Me: How did you get into all these musical and creative things?
Jenni: Well I always liked music so every chance I get to do something involving music I always do.
Me: Who are some of your inspirations?
Jenni: I have many inspirations, my friends, my family, and my teachers. For music my inspirations are Fall Out Boy, Paramore, 3 Doors Down, The Offspring, and all of the other bands I listen to, and most importantly my guitar teacher, Rob.
Me:Do you ever give the money you earn to charities and if so what charities?
Jenni: Yes, animal shelters and the Cancer Society.
Me: What do think lies ahead in your future?
Jenni: A lot of music and being in the CIA.
Me: Do you think you will pursue a career based on any of your activities and which one?
Jenni: Yes, I think it would be in writing or being a forensic scientist because of my interests in science.
Me:If you could join any other activity which one would it be and why?
Jenni: If I could join any other activity it would be band because I want to learn how to play more instraments.
Me: If you had one wish to do anything you'd like(go back in time, go forward) what would it be and why?
Jenni: If I had one wish it would be to go back in time and and play with some of my favorite bands because I love their music and so I can be remembered for my awesomeness ;)
Me: Well it was nice talking to you, thanks for letting me interview you.
Jenni: Your welcome. I'm sure it was a pleasure interviewing me.
Me: And there goes the confident Jenni we know and love ;)