The 2012 Olympics
Written by: Savera
Edited by: Lesha
Olympic Flame arrives in the UK
Olympic Flame arrives in the UK

The Olympics of 2012 are being held in London for this year's Summer Olympics.
The picture above shows the olympic flame arriving in the United Kingdom (UK)
The 2012 OIympics are starting on July 27 and are ending on August 12.
You can buy online souvenirs on the official London Olympics website which is These special London Olympic pins are 6 euros each.
There is a wide variety of sports this year. They are: archery, canoe slalom, athletics, canoe sprint, badminton, cycling-BMX, basketball, beach volleyball, cycling- mountain bike, boxing, cycling-road, cycling-track, diving, handball, equestrian, hockey, fencing, judo, football, modern pentathlon, rowing, sailing, gymnastics-artistic, gymnastics-rythmic, shooting, swimming, trampoline, triathalon, volleyball, synchronised swimming, table tennis, water polo, taekwondo, weightlifting, tennis, and wrestling.
Since there are many sports with peculiar names, let me tell you about some of the sports that might be unfamiliar. The first sport I will to tell you about is the canoe slalom.
Canoe Slalom- An extreme water sport where a person guides a canoe or a kayak down a river with obstacles.
Badminton- Another fancy way of saying tennis with slightly different equiptment including a birdie instead of a tennis ball.
Canoe Sprint- A type of race that happens on smooth calm water lanes.
Handball- A game in which you hit a ball with your hands inside a court with walls.
Equestrian- A sport in which a rider and a horse go through and have to complete a series of courses and obstacles in a set time
Modern Pentathlon- A contest that are made up of pistol shooting, fencing, swimming, horse riding, and running.
Water Polo- Water polo is basically playing a sport in water that consists of six players and one goal keeper. the objective of the game is to score and many points as you can by throwing it into the net goal.
and those are the fun sports that you will see in this year's s ummer London olympics of 2012. I hope you have fun watching them!!