Lovie Smith is Fired!
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Did you hear that Lovie Smith was fired? Lovie Smith was the Bears' coach. The Bears hadn't won a super bowl in the past 10 years so people thought Lovie was an ineffective coach. Lovie had been coaching the Bears for 9 years. The fans were impatient to get a new coach. The Chicago Bears fired Smith on December 31, 2012. Lovie started coaching the Bears in the year 2004. Lovie was always very calm during the games while the other coaches would scream and shout. Fans did not like his lack of emotion. The Bears did not show improvement when Lovie started coaching.
The Bears started the 2012 season on a promising note with a 7-1 record. The team's defense ranked first in takeaways, third in points allowed, and fifth in yards allowed. However, the team lost five of their next eight games. The Bears finished the season with a 10-6 record, but missed the playoffs for the fifth time in six years. On December 31, 2012 Smith was fired as head coach of the Chicago Bears. Smith departed the Bears with nine years of service, three playoff appearances, one Coach of the Year award, and one Super Bowl appearance. After Lovie Smith was fired the Bears replaced him with Marc Trestman.
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Lovie Smith's Bears failed to make the playoffs this season after getting off to a 7-1 start.

The Besars new coach, Marc Trestmam
The Besars new coach, Marc Trestmam