By: Aleks
Editor: Isaiah

Don't you just love to watch all the amazing things that people in the NBA can do in real life? For example you can see rare, 360 degree dunks, deep 3 point shots, game winners, and "Circus" shots. But there are also very bad things that the players can do.

A couple weeks ago the Miami Heat shooting guard, Dwayne Wade, got suspended for a few games for illegal contact to another player, Ramon Sessions. He claims that it was not on purpose, that he was just dribbling up court, and that Ramon got in the way. Yeah right. He might have done it because at the other side of the court Ramon kept slapping the ball and fouling him, but there was no call. So he got a little payback. Another player, Rajon Rondo got suspended for accidentally bumping into a referee while running backwards. That was a very bad call because it was an accident he didn't purposely shove him. Plus, the Celtics really need Rajon because he's one of the best players on the team, and they're having a decent season, but they're not one of the best.

The best team is the Oklahoma City Thunder with MVP small forward, Kevin Durant, also known as K.D. and the strong point guard, Russell Westbrook. They are having a great season right now with the win record of 30-8 (30 wins 8 losses). Unfortunately K.D. got 2 technical fouls in one game and was ejected from that game. At the end of the game OKC lost the game without their all-star. Last week they lost against the Wizards. I'm a fan of OKC, a BIG one so when I saw that shot go in, I bet everybody in Oklahoma and I had a fit. Honestly I think they're going to beat Miami and win the Finals, I hope.

Have I talked about the Clippers? Man they're good! The Clipper's Point Guard, Chris Paul, is one of the best players I've seen when it comes to ball handling and good shooting. That guy could break your ankles so bad (A basketball term when someone makes the opponent fall by using great basketball technique, not literally "break"). Then there is Power Forward, Blake Griffin. You've probably seen him from those goofy KIA Optima commercials when he goes back in time and stuff. That guy is no ordinary jumper. He can dunk like crazy. He won the 2011 NBA Dunk Contest after he did a 360 dunk with 2 basketballs into two baskets at one time! That is crazy! And then for his final slam dunk, he drove a car into the building and dunked over a car. I bet you can't do that. But with the combination of those two players, they were unstoppable. Sadly, the Denver Nuggets beat their 18 game winning streak. Now they have the 2nd best win record of 29-9. OKC is 1st.

Moving on to Miami Heat, honestly I don't like Miami. The players are pretty good with "King" James. They just beat Oklahoma during the last Finals. They have one of the best three-point shooters ever in the league. Many people call him a traitor and forgot about him, Ray Allen. He played for the Boston Celtics for about 10 years and then moved to Miami. A lot of people don't like him for letting down the Celtics. The players on the Celtics hate him now, like Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. Even with Ray Allen, they're not doing well. They're getting beat by the easiest teams like the Charlotte Bobcats, the Washington Wizards, and others. They could do better. The Lakers are the same story. Miami's record is 24-12.

Everybody thought they would do amazing when they got Center Dwight Howard on their team. He had a shoulder injury for the last 3 games, but returned last night to play against the Cleveland Cavaliers to grab a victory of 113 to 93. They didn't have their Power Forward, Paul Gasol, due to a concussion from playing the Nuggets. He went up for a rebound and was elbowed on the nose. Then he was rushed out to the locker room because he had a bloody nose and was dizzy. So he's out for a few more games. Their current record is 16-21. That's not good. Kobe Bryant is old, but still the same great shooter. He had a streak of having over 30+ points in 1 game. The streak stopped when he got 26 points with the Cavaliers. They're not doing good even with Steve Nash too. Steve Nash is the Point Guard that used to be on the Phoenix Suns. He's being called a traitor too, but only in Phoenix. In L.A. they're calling him a new friend.

Now to talk about all the trading in the NBA. I already talked about the trade of Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, and Ray Allen, but there are many others. The veteran Shooting Guard from the Dallas Mavericks, Jason Kidd, was on the Mavericks, but this year he was traded to the New York Knicks. Another player from the Mavericks, Jason Terry, was traded to the Celtics because they needed someone to take Ray Allen's spot. Now the only good player left is Nowitzki. Now he's alone. Another trade involved the All-Star, Andre Iguodala, who started on the Philadelphia 76ers and played there his whole career until this year he was traded to the Denver Nuggets. He's a small forward who is so good that he played for team USA in the Olympics. Now that he's with Ty Lawson, Danilo Gallanari, and Kenneth Faried, they are unstoppable. They beat the Portland Trail Blazers last night 115-111. The rookie, Wilson Chandler, made a shot to make it 114-111. Then Ty Lawson made a free throw to seal the game. They took the win at home. How could I forget to mention one of the biggest trades? The shooting guard from Oklahoma City, James Harden, left because he was swapped for someone else. He was moved to the Houston Rockets along with Jeremy Lin. He was on the Knicks and left. You might know from "Linsanity" when he was on the Knicks and he was on a scoring rampage. Houston's record now is 21-19.

And now to the final story, the Chicago Bulls. You probably heard the biggest story about how the main player for the Bulls, Derrick Rose, was injured and had left since the beginning of the playoffs of 2012. When he was going up for a layup, he landed and turned funny. That caused him to tear his ACL. The ACL is a muscle underneath your kneecap that is very sensitive and if you tear it you'll need surgery. All the Derrick Rose fans were holding their breath when that happened. They were devastated when they got news that he will be out for the rest of this season.

Breaking News: The Celtics point guard, Rajon Rondo, has torn his ACL just like Derrick Rose. He will not come back until next season. He was driving to the basket and landed funny, the same way Derrick did. Finally, CP3, AKA Chris Paul is out due to a bruised knee. Whooo, a lot of injuries!

That's it, hope you learned about the NBA. Bye

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