On Sunday, January 6th the NHL lockout ended and they are picking up a half ended season. The lockout was caused by a dispute between the owners and the NHL players association. The owners wanted to lower the players 57% share of hockey-related revenues to 46%, set a maximum term of 4 years on new players contracts, get rid of signing bonuses, set a uniform salary for each year of a contract, and extend entry contracts from 3 years to 5 years.
The players have lost money over the lockout and ended up playing in leagues in Europe. Russian hockey players such as Alex Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin went home to play in the KHL (Kontenental Hockey League). Also, the owners wanted to extend qualification for unrestricted free agency from seven years to ten. The AHL(American Hockey League) has seen the attendance at their games rise due to the lockout because the fans still want to watch hockey.

At 4:45 AM EST on January 6th after 16 hours of negotiating, a tentative deal was reached to end the lockout. Training camp will begin on Sunday, January 20 and the first game of the shortened season will be on January 19th. It will be between the Chicago Blackhawks and the defending Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings as well as seven other games.
external image nhl-lockout-fans-signs.jpg by Peter and Matt edited by Elmina