Niles West Orchestra Odyssey

By: Franklin M.
Edited By: Andy L.

On January 10th, 2013, Niles West High School hosted the 13th annual Orchestra Odyssey. All the schools that feed into Niles West High School including the high school orchestra themselves, performed inside the Robert L. Johnson Auditorium near the main entrance. In years past the Odyssey has had some
prestigious guest conductors such as Mark Wood and Stephan Hobson. This year's guest conductor is Mrs. Joanne May. She is a good friend of the Niles West Orchestra director, Mr. Stephen Katz. There were four performances, the first performance was by the Lincoln and Lincoln Hall schools. The second performance was performed by Culver, Fairview, and Park View. The third performance was performed by the 8th graders of all the middle schools, as well as the High School's Concert and Philharmonic Orchestras. The final performance was by the High School's Symphonic Orchestra, they were performing famous music from the Nutcracker. After the performance, the high school hosted a fundraiser to help pay for a scholarship that involves having private lessons with some of the high school's recommended orchestra teachers. The scholarship will be divided into one scholarship per school. There are five schools participating in the scholarship, Culver, Fairview, Park View, Lincoln, and Lincoln Hall, each scholarship worth $500. The school was selling some T-Shirts, cookbooks, and sweatshirts to help raise money for the fundraiser.

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The Niles West Music Parents Association helps the Niles West Orchestras and Bands with their concerts and competitions.